Forming Netherlands as Holland

Holland is one of the Dutch minors inside of the HRE and under personal union of Burgundy at 1444. The first step of Holland to form Netherlands of course is to get independent from Burgundy. Even if Burgundy won’t annex its personal union juniors, the Burgundian succession events will be an instant lose for Holland, as Holland will become a province of the under whoever is the Holy Roman Emperor.

Asking support from France/Austria would be a good solution. However, there’s an alternative way of getting this independence, pretender rebel. This pretender rebel event seemed to be a historical event as it fired at most of my Holland games at some point of time at the early years. As I let the rebels stayed at my capital for a while, I got independence from Burgundy peacefully. Of course, in most cases, the rebel’s stat is going to be worse than Philip the Good. Hey, at least I saved the admin points on stability!


In this case, plan B would be Aragon, France, and England if the rebels failed

If Burgundy didn’t care about the rebels or too busy with their wars with England, France, or the HRE, then it means the rebellion is likely going to be successful. If not, then ask France or Austria for help. At the same time, Barbant and Flanders AI don’t seem to have this rebel event.


I don’t bother your war, you don’t bother my freedom fighters


Glad I am out of this, but then Burgundy stayed alive and joined the HRE

After gaining independence from Burgundy, I started to conquer near by Dutch minors. However, the process was slow as the emperor was keep demanding unlawful territories and aggressive expansion is the worst when small nations expanding in the HRE. I got into a coalition war once and I had to reconquer my provinces back. I shouldn’t be be too haste on grabbing those cores as I need level 10 admin to form Netherlands anyway. Luckily the reconquest CB doesn’t have much aggressive expansion as conquest. At the same time I focused on colonization to get more trade power and trade income in the English channel.


Started my quest of uniting the Dutch



Brandenburg as emperor of the HRE most of the time before the religious war


And finally in the year of 1532 and I already have colonies in North America. I finally have all of the cores and met all of the requirements for forming the Netherlands. This is for the achievement “Je maintiendrai”, form the Netherlands as a minor nation starting with Dutch culture.

Now I have these permenant claims. Too bad that they are either in the HRE or France, in this game, France became a junior partner of Aragon. In addition, as forming the Netherlands, it instantly quit HRE and seemed to be impossible to rejoin unless I switch government type into monarchy, which I won’t because I am trying to get to Taiwan and get another achievement, possibly achievements with conquering India and Japan too.

Nevertheless, I got to conquer some of these provinces from the HRE, I should thank my diplomats for not letting me into more coalition wars.20171008221622_120171008221916_120171008221944_120171009114528_120171009122659_120171009123126_1


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