Lanfang Republic, how much can you do in 42 years?

Lanfang is a playable nation in the late game at Europa Universalis IV. It is playable at January 1778. At the same time, the game ends at January 1821, so there are only 42 years of game play left. It started as a one province minor at the Pontianak, Borneo. Its Sunni neighbor Brunei always wanted to kick out these Confucian Hakka settlers. Of course, Brunei is not going to be the only unfriendly neighbor.

At the year of 1778, some Western colonial powers already have held some bases at South Asia. Like Britain held Bengal and parts of India, the Dutch held some important trading cities and the spice islands at modern day Indonesia, and Spain controlled most of the Philippines. At the same time, small and technologically behind Asian nations scattered across the map. They are trying to survive and catch up the technology. If it weren’t conflicts in Europe, these nations could be swallowed by these European powers easily.


Starting point, there’s a nation in Java’s color look exactly like the Netherlands


Three institutions behind, but can be gained by building up relationship and improving the land


Idea groups, I unpicked maritime and religious later on. Who need religious when you can build cathedrals 

At the first year of game play, my former boss Brunei called me an infidel and declate a Jihad war on me. Too bad my president is 4,6,4,0 in military stat and crushed the invading Bruneian army easily. In addition, the president is also started as a 4,4,4, so I let him stayed in office until death and enjoyed using a 6,6,6 ruler for like 6 years.


You may have a better navy, but I have a better president as general.20171013221127_1

Even Sulu wanted to take a chance on Brunei, however, in this game Kutai is Brunei’s ally and drove back the invading Filipinos quickly.20171013221639_1

Since I haven’t made my claims yet, I just ask for monetary and a small province to avoid overextension.20171013222245_1

Meanwhile, the English is losing their ground at Bengal20171013223605_1

My ally Siak asked my to fight Johor. Since Johor was making a colony near me, so I simply annexed its colony and ditched the maritime idea and chose exploration for extra colonists.20171013230359_1

These colonists will be crucial for conquering Borneo and colonizing Australia.20171013230505_1

Put a colonist at Sampit, made claim on Banjar, only to vassalize it later and retake its core from Kutai. Forgot to mention, Banjar and Kutai are both Sunni Muslim kingdoms now.20171013233655_120171013234504_1

Now, this game is just about Indonesian minors trying to kill each other while hoping the colonial powers don’t go after them. Luwu and Buton gained their independence from the Dutch multiple times.20171014004112_1


This will be a lose war, as Banten recently got its independence from the Dutch, so it also inherited the tech level of the Dutch and helped itself to conquer its neighbor at Java quickly. It soon rivaled me also allied my rival Brunei. Since it haven’t build up its navy yet, we can pick on it and take over Brunei.20171014015439_1

I only wanted this20171014021542_1

Kutai can’t stand how I almost destroyed Brunei and declared war on me.20171014145051_1

So I simply blocked all Banten’s ports and gave them some ducats to end the war, so I can focus on Kutai.20171014145247_1

This war didn’t go too well for Kutai20171014150506_1


This revolutionary Britian looks like, Russia?20171014153242_1

Sweet discount, either way, I can’t make it to level 30 in any tech, due to most of the points went to ideas and oppressing uprising Bruneian separatists20171014162029_1

Pagaruyung conquered most of Sumatra, I also betrayed Siak at its war, just to vassalize them later.20171014162501_1

This is a bug from the constitution republic government, somehow I won the debate twice20171014170312_1

Integrated Banjar20171014172305_1

Thanks to its south Filipino ally, I only get to annex most of Brunei20171014175326_1

Pagaryuyung bankrupted from its revolutionaries and separatists, so it is the best time to retake some of its former territories. But don’t want to go too far as it may high too high liberty desire. Either way, I can’t finish annexation by 1821.  20171014181854_120171014183211_1

Kutai, you are next, and you too can have one province left.20171014203108_120171014203603_1

So at the end, I get to have most of Borneo, a vassal at the Malacca Strait, and a small colonial nation that ship me gold at Australia. I also have the most trade power at Malacca.20171015000739_120171015000746_1

Historically, Lanfang Republic was establish by Luo Fangbo, a Hakka Chinese. These Hakka Chinese worked for mining companies “outsourced” by the Bruneian sultan. Later, these mining companies received some political autonomy, and Lanfang is the one with the most well known. Their president Luo Fangbo even set up constitutions and ruled it like a modern republic. They even became a tributary state of the Qing for protection. However, the Qing navy didn’t have too much power outside the Chinese coastline. Eventually, Lanfang was annexed by the dutch in the late 19th century and the locals fled to Sumatra and Singapore. In EU4, they are treated at an independent nation, rivaling their former employer, Brunei.

Within that 42 years, I conquered most of Borneo, vassalized a nation at the Malacca Straight, and set up a colonial nation at West Australia and attempt to colonize Alaska, only found out Portugal was there and I only managed to take two Alaskan provinces. And I accepted all institutions and turned this one province minor into the biggest trade power in Malacca. Some Chinese EU4 players wanted to use it to reconquer territories from the Qing, but it doesn’t seem possible as its naval force can’t match the Qing, even all of Boreno is conquered. In addition, western powers are usually hostile to Langfang, and merely neutral with the best effort of diplomacy. Reconquering China may only be possible if the game extends for another 50-100 years and allow player to conquer more parts of Southeast Asia.

Complains in late games

With its unique political situation, the late game can provide unique gaming experiences that’s totally different from 1444. Lots of big historical empires and small nations spawned after 1444. Nevertheless, there are problems in late games. Somehow North African nations still don’t have renaissance and printing press at the late 18th century.20171014004248_1

And everyone’s trades and incomes are just simply… pathetic 20171014010429_1



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