The not so Humble Origins — Republic of the Song Part Two, Ruling the Waves

As the Song colonists settled in the new world, the Song consuls send exploration mission to this new continent and try to know more about this land. Eventually, the explorers discovered two wealthy settlements and made trading relation with them.

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Meanwhile in mainland, the Song let a footstep in the near by Moluccan island by conquering the Animist kingdoms.

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At mainland China, the Wu kingdom’s ambition is getting more obvious. It is conquering near by states and on the way of uniting China. It has strong strategic allies like Liang, Yan, and Korea and owned the wealthy part of Southeast China already. At the same time, it is causing trading conflicts with Song. However, the Song can’t occupy the Wu land at this moment. The only thing the Song can do is to send its experienced navy to show them who’s the boss at the sea before settling at Taiwan, an island only inhabited by a small group of Polynesians.

Later, the Song made some allies like Yue and Xi on the mainland and Japan to encounter the Wu Kingdom. The first landing was a failure but it was destructive to the Wu navy and economy. This made the landing on Fujian successful at the second attempt of landing. As soon as Song made Fujian their province, the consuls decided to reunite and reconquer the whole China.

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Lastly, neighboring kingdoms at the South China Sea didn’t give an easy time on Song either. The Song army may not be capable of landing and occupy their cities, but they are no match to the Song navy, which sailed and discovered most of the Pacific and and southern part of the Atlantic.

Also, Hindu natives on the Borneo island were helping the Song on settling a base to encounter the Sunni Bruneian invaders that destroyed their Kutai homeland. As return, those natives agreed on converting into Mahayana Buddhism and be part of the Song Republic. The recapture of Kutai was a successful start of this deal.

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