The not so Humble Origins — Republic of the Song Part Three, Becoming an empire

As the Song Republic finally conquered Fujian, the consuls decided to continue to weaken the mighty Wu Kingdom. With the helps of the allies, Song was able to occupy the Wu’s capital at war. Song forced Wu to released some of its conquered states into free, independent republics. However, some of those states like Chu were soon annexed by Xi, one of Song’s ally. This foreshadow the split between Xi and Song later.

At the same time, Changsheng, another states that was being released after the Song-Wu war decided to become a vassal of Song, if we can help it to retake its cores from Dai Viet and Yi. With the advance military technology and the help from allies like Yue and Ayutthaya, that was a relatively easy task.

The Wu and its allies were no match to Song’s advance military technology. Song conquered much of land of the former Wu Kingdom. and became the power of Southeast China.

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Meanwhile at Southeast Asia, the capture of Kutai intrigued the consuls and they supported the war on fully conquering the island of Borneo. This set a footstep on dominating the Malacca trade node. Also, as Song was settling at the Papua islands and Sumatra, conflicts with the Javan Kingdom Majapahit and Sumatran Kingdom Pasai were inevitable.

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And Finally, Xi and Song doesn’t like how each other are expanding on the weakened Wu and its released states. With territorial disputes, the Song-Xi alliances was finally broken. Xi, the powerful kingdom that ruled from the Talas Plateau to the Yangtze Delta broke the alliance with Song. Not soon, both power went to war and the Kingdom of Yue stood on Xi’s side.

In the process, Dali Republic was released and became a vassal of of Song. And of course, Song is going to help it to recapture its lost territories.

After all of those wars and conquests, Song is large enough to be called an empire. Ironically, the nation never had an emperor or king or any royal family ruling the nation after fleeing to Luzon. Now, Song is ruled by a president, a ruler being elected by the consuls.

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