The not so Humble Origins — Republic of the Song Part One

The Song Empire ended at 1279. In the Battle of Yamen, the emperor jumped into the sea marks the end of the end of the dynasty.

At this alternate history only a few officials and some Cantonese refugees fled to Luzon, modern day north part of the Philippines. They formed a republic because all of the emperor’s family members died already. They named their Republic Song because that was where they came from. They believe in Mahayama Buddhism and speak Cantonese. Within the first hundred years of the settling, they assimilated with the locals at Luzon. Within these years, the refugees sometimes ship goods from their hometown Guangzhou to their new home. Thus forming a small maritime trade route from Canton to the Philippines.

With the collapse of the Mongols and rise of Ming, many refugees’ descendants went back to their homeland for a better future, the best person to rule this small republic is this 2,0,0 Ma Changxun. Although Mr. Ma wasn’t a competent man in many ways, but there are someone he said was right, expand south of this island.

(This is an achievement run for Europa Universalis 4, I am playing without Mandated Heaven, Cossack, Right of Man, and the Third Rome DLC. And I am trying to tell a “historical story”)


Setting and national idea of the Song Republic

After Ma retired, the next president saved up a small amount of funding to explore the southern part of the island.


Save money, colonize Philippines

Although it will be expansive, hard, and slow in the beginning, but it will be worthy.


First Tondo, then Manilla

Then, a new island nation called Sulu formed in the South and they are stealing the Song’s trades. The Song decided to give them a “punishment”


Not too long after forming, it doesn’t even have a lot of ships and army

As result of “naval supremacy”, Song got some “extra income” from their new neighbor Sulu.


War taxes, reparation, and ducats

Later, Song discovered and settled in Manilla. It is a natural harbor for trading. Later, the people of Song developed it extensively, it is even compatible to the former capital of Song and the modern capital of Ming.


Renaissance on Manila

In 1509, Song encountered a larger and more hostile neighbor, Brunei. They sent pirate ships to steal cattles (except for pigs) from local farmers. The consuls of Song didn’t tolerate this, even Brunei have more allies, but the Song navy aren’t afraid.


War and colonization

After sinking some of the Bruneian pirate ships, the Bruneian navy were hiding in their ports and avoid combat completely. The Song navy blocked the Bruneian ports for a few years until Brunei agreed to pay the loss for the Song. Meanwhile, more settlers are expanding to the Southern part of the Philippine islands.


More money for colonization

Meanwhile in mainland China, Ming lost its mandated heaven and the emperor’s brothers, uncles, local officials are forming small kingdoms within their lands.


Ming exploding without Mandated Heaven (no pun intended)

After the success in Manila, the consuls of Song decided they should expand to the rest of the Philippines and the rest of the ocean. They can’t be stuck in Luzon forever. One of the step would be integrating the Filipino kingdom Sulu.


Conquest of Sulu


Uniting the Filipino regions

When exploring the sea, Song received the news of the lord of Wu wanted Song to be part of his kingdom. This enraged the consuls. These rebels not only disloyal to their former emperor, but also their former former former people. Therefore the consuls decided to fund pirate to steal at Wu ports.


Wu rivaled us, and let’s send some pirate to them to get power projection to raise republic tradition, their galleys can’t reach us anyway

Song’s explorers eventually landed on a huge continent. This region, Miwok, at least what the natives called it, is a natural harbor just like Manila.  Some explorers even stayed and set up a colonies.


Portugal and Castilles got beat by Morocco badly, turned out I got colonialism


The discovery of Miwok intrigued more people of sailing the large ocean to the new world

A few years later, Arab and Indian merchants from the Southeast Asia carried a news of how Europeans are using a technology called printing press, but it is not similar to the one we are using.


Only a few years later



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