Conquering China and India, the Almighty “Yuanghals”

In the recent patch, Paradox had released a feature in Europa Universailis IV of letting hordes to form Yuan. Historically, it was a short-lived, but large empire. It was built by mass killing and enforced by unjust laws and soon to be “Yuanploded”. However, I am not here to discuss history in this article but want to talk about its massive claims in East Asia and decent idea sets.

Unlike other posts in this blog, this articles is not about getting achievement run or historical run, but introducing a not so hidden way to be super OP for Turkmeni, Uzbek, Kyrgaz culture nations, or nations wanted to be one of these world conquering cultures. It is about forming Yuan then form Mughals. Overall, Both nations gives awesome claims in two different rich areas in Asia. However, I consider Mughal’s national idea is slightly better than Yuan.

So, any nations within the Turkmeni, Uzbek, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Uyghur, Oirat, Kalkha, Mongol, and Chahar culture groups and can form Yuan after uniting the latter 5 culture groups within the list, and with Kaifeng, Xilin Gol, Beijing,  Qaraqorum, Xuanhua, and Xianyang. And any Iranian culture group nation that is not Persia and Turkmeni, Uzbek or Kyrgyz culture nation can form Mughal. This gives Uzbek/Bukhara, Turkmeni, and Kyrgyz nations like Chatatai and Khiva a great opportunity to gain all of the land in China and India.


Requirement of forming Yuan (Oirat culture)

For the reason of time, I am using cheat codes to get the provinces quickly.

Let’s start with Uzbek:


Giving both options to form Bukhara, Yuan, AND Muhgals


Formed the big red Yuan and getting new tradition and ambition


Now lets go for Indian lands


Newer tradition and ambition


Land size (please disregard about the Persian land, I only integrate Timurid because it has Roh, one of the required province for forming Mughals)


Meanwhile, the Yuan permanent claim became a 25 year claim. So take your time before forming Mughals


That’s how much tolerance you can have for having the first Mughal idea with Humanism idea group! Imagine converting into Eastern religions, it will be possible to max tolerance for heretics and heresy

In addition, if you are playing with the Mandated Heaven DLC, you will need to be Chinese emperor before forming Yuan, and if you want to be Chinese emperor, you must be either pagan or eastern religion. Hence my Uzbek must need to convert if I am playing with Mandated Heaven. While I am not playing with Mandated Heaven, all I need to have is to have an empire rank.



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