Strait Talk Achievement

Hormuz is an one province minor island in the middle of Persian Gulf. There’s the Timurids at the north, one of the strongest faction in the early game. In the South, there’s the Ibardi Oman, which has stronger navy and army than Hormuz in the starting game. Besides these two, Qara Qoyunlu, Hansa, and Najd sometimes have malintents on this island since it is a trade center of the Hormuz trade node. This may sound intimidating, but it is still doable comparing to other achievement runs like world conquests.


Some of the policies that gives +1 diplomatic reputation 

This achievement require 10 diplomatic reputation as Hormuz. And here are some place where player can receive diplomatic reputations:

  1. 100 Legitimacy (+1) — even it is only close to 100, game will round up to 100
  2. Statesman adviser (+1)
  3. Trading ivory (+2)
  4. Hormuz’s fourth national idea (+1), it gives +1 diplomatic relation too
  5. 5th diplomatic ideas (+2)
  6. 5th influence ideas (+2)
  7. Policies (+1 each), and most of them required diplomatic idea group
  8. Neutral karma as any Buddhism religion (+1)
  9. Hindu religion with Ganesha deity (+1)
  10. Catholic/Reformed religion bonus (+1)
  11. Missions that rewards (+1) diplomatic reputation, like reduce overextension
  12. Events that gives (+1) diplomatic reputation, usually from the diplomatic idea group

The bold one are the one I used. I tried to convert into Buddhism, but Pagaruyung and Ceylon were conquered by their neighbors too early.

As an achievement about diplomacy, this achievement run should have a lot to do with diplomacy. It may be hard to predict the war results of the Arabian Peninsula, but having a strong navy of galleys and building good relationship with rival’s rivals in early game can never be wrong. In fact, having the strongest navy in the Persian Gulf should be the main goal is the early game. In addition, not all player know about this, Hormuz has two cored on two provinces on Hansa and one of them is an island. Player can use reconquest causi belli on Hansa when it is losing a war.

In 1500, I started to developed my one and only province for the renaissance institution. And then choose exploration as my first idea group. Mahe and other no man islands in the Indian Ocean are quite high in development. Player can simply colonize them and island hop to the new world through South Africa, or take the spice islands. The 30+ development capital city can handle the cost for colonization. Of course I chose South Africa and the new world since I have the random new world on.

Alright, time to strike back to those hordes! QQ usually rivaled Mamluks. In the 1.20 Patch, Mamluks has Hejaz as vassal and is the most powerful nation in the Middle East before the Ottoman unite Anatolia. So I allied Mamluks with no pressure. This war is easy with Mamluks.


My first offensive war,  


Eat more Mamluks, you need to get big to fend off the Ottomans


Second war on QQ with Mamluks, and Ottoman united Anatolia


Released Shia Iraq as my march, and Mamluks annexed Shammer, its new vassal already

Mamluks may be helpful in the early game, but there will be a time Hormuz has to say good bye and move on with the Ottomans. I participated in its early wars with the Ottomans, only to retake provinces without forts. There’s no place for my little army anyway.  Most of EU4 players know the uaual war result of Ottoman-Mamluk wars. If Mamluks can be your rival, then it is time to say good bye. I missed my old buddy too, therefore I spared its life in the Sumatran islands after it got kicked out of Egypt.


Spotted a bug in this new patch while invading Maldives


Eventually, my former supportive ally became my rival, of course, I should conquer Arabia before the Ottomans


That’s cool


Planning to expand into East Africa and occupy Kilwan lands


My existing colonies


This is two colonial nations and each of them has more than 10 provinces


Whole random new world

As surviving against the Ottoman, the odds of it going to backstab and attack player is not going to be low. Even allying it may not be helpful. Hence I allied its allies like Oman and Tunis and some other states. If the Ottoman attacks, it will lose all of its allies. In the worst scenario, if the Ottoman wins the hypothetical war, I still can hide in South Africa. Fortunately, even the Ottoman desires Baghdad from my march, it never broke alliance and went to war with me, and it always has that little green heart.


Diplomatic map mode


Taking East Africa


Having new vassals after war with my rival


Hang on there comet, I am taking these ivory first




Old world


Final map of colonies



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