Georgia on my mind achievement as Qara Qoyunlu

Continuing Qara Qoyunlu my game after obtaining the Baa Baa Black Sheep achievement… And I already have Imereti as my march, it included all of the regions required for the Eurasian Georgia. all I need to do is to get the South Georgia Island and the state Georgia in North America.

I almost gave up on this achievement due to slow colonization. I chose Exploration as my second idea group and explore the Indian Ocean as soon as possible. Using Mahe and Ile Bourbon as stepping stone/islands, I was able to land on South Africa. But by the time I get to South Africa, I realized I don’t have enough distance to reach Brazil and had to take another island in the Ivory Coast as stepping island. By the time I finally able to colonize Brazil, Printing Press was already introduced for a while and I was quite behind in tech…

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Colonial Brazil


So this is like a Nomadic Colonial Republic?

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Then, I decided to use my saved monarch points to raise development to get institution instead of waiting till owning 5 colonies in Brazil.  After having a colonial nation in Brazil, taking Georgia in North America is a piece of cake as long as there no European colonists competing for those regions. (I don’t need to have a colonial nation in Brazil, but I wanted to have an extra merchant) Fortunately there weren’t any competition in the Georgia region at this game. There were some required provinces owned by Cherokee. Fighting them aren’t hard but can be annoying.

At last, don’t forget South Georgia, it is an island in the most southern tip of South America. Its arctic climate will make it take longer to colonize.

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Aside from colonization, I expand eastward and into Arabia most of the time. I allied Mamluks (later formed Egypt) to prevent the Ottoman advancing at Asia. But that doesn’t stopped it from conquering the Balkan. And the Qara-Mamluks alliances sometimes fought some tough war with the Ottoman. Let see what other achievements can I get with the OP Mughal national idea?

Current world situation:

Teh real Georgia on my Mind↓ where Paradox got the idea of this achievement



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