Subsidize my love achievement quick and easy

This achievement only requires three steps, totally can be done easily anytime, if you have the diplomatic slots.

  1. Look at if there are underdeveloped one province minors around you
  2. Ally three them, not like they don’t want a strong and wealthy ally
  3. Give them some money

In this game, I played as Ming, the nation started with the highest income, highest development, and covered 5 trade nodes in 1444. In the same time, there are plenty of poor nations nearby, like Guge, Sadiya, Tripura… you name it! (just not the Japanese Daimyos) All of them are earning less than two ducats monthly.

And now it is the time to subsidize them. To play safe, I gave each of them 2+ ducats a month.


Low income nations in East Asia


Give them subsidies 



Ming Emperor: Okay, I decided I am going to do some philanthropy activities today

Ming Adviser:  You don’t need to do that, you are the emperor, you don’t need to avoid tax like American wealthy businessmen

Ming Emperor: Just doing it for achievement

Ming Adviser: ???

… Meanwhile in the Burma region

Tripura: Look at what I receiving from the Ming emperor!

Sadiya: I am getting a lot of money too!

Manipur: I am going to be rich!! #money

Ming Level 2 adviser: Cool, my starting salary was 4 ducat a month

In conclusion, this achievement is cheaper than hiring 3 level 2 advisers.


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