Playing EU4 before 1444 and after 1821

Paradox Interactive had set the starting game at Nov 11, 1444 because it is the end of the Varna crusade, and it ended at January 2, 1821 due to Napoleon’s death. As we all know, there are interesting histories before and after this time interval. And many of players wanted to play within these time period.

Just open up the Europa Universalis IV\common\defines.lua with a text editor software if you want to time travel. Have a backup file if you want to do something big. Be creative of the time you want to go, but don’t go to wild because Paradox doesn’t have all the data in human history. Within 50 years before 1444 should have the most fun when playing European, Asian and North African nations.



We can mod the starting date to whenever we want. But Paradox doesn’t have all of the data of pre-1444 rulers and boundaries. And not all nations in the 1444 existed in pre 1444 eras. For example, Ming doesn’t exist and doesn’t have a ruler in 1350. But Ming will still appear in the game but with no fixed ruler, and the system will generate a random ruler for Ming. (Even the ruler existed in history, they still need to be in Paradox’s historical ruler file)

If played well, player can alter the history being set at 1444.


Now we can time travel to the past


Witnessing Dai Viet rebell against Zhu Di


Much more little kingdoms in the Mediterranean 


Zoom in at the independent Sicily


Timurids used to have uglier boarder than 1444


The limit of how far we can time travel

Trivial Question: answer this in the comment, who was the ruler of Morocco in 1370? Person answer this correctly can add the ruler in the history file in their EU4 folder.


Nations with “no historical ruler” in Paradox documents


No Ironman


Random ruler


Takes forever to raise tech level because we are in 116 years ahead


In the late game, Paradox apparently slacked off even more. Late nations like Bukhara’s national idea turned into general national ideas. But hey, who’s going to play the little Bukhara in the 1800s anyway? There won’t be achievement, and playing Uzbek in 1444 is definitely more fun! Not like any blogger is going to have time to talk about it too.

Of course, James Monroe wasn’t in office for that long, nor the Spanish occupied the same parts of Mexico for that long. The late games are less dynamic than early games, especially after 1820. So playing 1830 is not going to be much different from playing in 1840, only the amount of times left for the game will be different.

In game, nations in 1840 is like in 1820. Qing still doesn’t have global trade in 1840. Europe is still in 31,31,31 and the rest of the world are behind of Europe. In addition, most of the historical events should be fired and it will be a very boring game.

List of historical rulers in EU4 (Please enlighten me, EU4, what are those Qing rulers in the 1400s?)

Not sure if Paradox loves Kedah in the 1100s and the Daimyos in the 1300s, or they just simply using them for testing. But they are the earliest recorded rulers in the historical ruler list. In the same time, there are still many Japanese rulers beyond 1821.

Bonus: Play the Timurids in 1370 for an awesome 6,6,6,2 Khan


List of earliest Rulers


Late game rulers


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