The Grand Malayan Armada Part Three – Expansion into Empires and Smaller Kingdoms

The following wars were fought in the same time interval as I was expanding in different directions. From the islands in the pacifics to the farmland in China to the colonies in the American west coast, I was conquering different enemies one by one. So I separated them by region instead of placing them chronologically.

Ming Empire

With my expansion on Southeast Asia and the Pacific, I am no longer a small Buddhist kingdom in Sumatra, I am now a threat to the strong Ming Empire. My ships were steering more trade powers than Ming in Canton and Hangzhou. I was building colonies in Philippines and Taiwan, which can lead direct attack on the Southeast Chinese coast. In response, Ming rivaled and embargoed me.

Although Ming did not expand much in this game, it had a stable government and only lost mandated heaven once. Lords of Wu, Yan, Ning and Shun gained their independence. As soon as Ming rivaled me, Wu volunteered to be my ally to avoid being reconquered by Ming. In the same time, I need a place to land safely too…

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Southeast Asian Kingdoms

My conquest in the Southeast Asia continued. I was taking provinces from big kingdoms and forcing them to release smaller states (so I can annex them later). Somehow, this can balance the karma and it is the official way of how Buddhists should expand. Ayutthaya, Lan Xang and Dai Viet were destroyed in the process and subjugated many smaller states.

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Portuguese Empire:

It started with Portugal wanting my colonies in California, Indian Ocean and the Pacifics. It ended they gave up on such unrealistic goals since I have higher quantity and quality of troops than them and their Spanish ally.

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Ottoman Empire

I can’t believe the Ottoman would colonize the Pacifics before finishing their conquest on the Mamluks. They were long but easy colonial wars. Ottoman and their allies tried to send their troops to rescue their colonies by ships, but they all stopped by my stronger armada.

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By this moment, I do have the strongest navy and the most heavy ships. But still far from having 500 heavy ships.


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