The Grand Malayan Armada Part Four – I can afford those ships

Although I already had higher income than any nations, but I still can’t afford to have total 500 heavy ships, the maintenance is going to be terrible too. But first, conquer more provinces for upper limit and and more monthly income first.

But time is almost up, I need to act quick…

South Asia, Pacific and North America 

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East Asia

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“My emperor, we now have the strongest navy in the world. No other nation can compete with us in the sea.”

“Great, continue building them, we need 500 heavy ships”

“But my emperor, why? Isn’t 314 heavy ships enough? This is more than any nations’ total numbers in ships. Some of them are already mothballed. I afraid our national budget can’t handle 500 heavy ships.”

“Well, we can mothball all of the new ships.”

“Wait, we are building ships to mothball them? I suggest we should use the money on other development such as…”

“But I do want that achievement”



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