The Grand Malayan Armada Part Two – Colonization and Expansion into Indochina

This part is my expansion into the Spice Islands, Philippines, Indochina, Australia and the new world.These province are important for the Grand Armada achievement because they do increase the upper limit of the ships I can have. However, this part is not too exciting because I didn’t start ship building massively. So it is another part of the fundamental process.

PS: Congratulation for Global Trade spawned at Pasai, my new capital!!

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After having most of the Southeast Asian Islands, I continue to expand into Indochina. Taking enemies cores while forcing them to release small states can really balance up the karma, and diplo-annexing doesn’t impact karma anyway. Pegu and Annam became my vassals through this strategy. I used this strategy more often in the later game since every AI rivals will be sabotaging each others’ reputation. The only thing I didn’t expect is the Ottomans were trying to colonize Southeast Asia but their navy is too weak and take them too long to protect their colonies.

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In the same time, Ming didn’t expand and had a small explosion, I guess it is an opportunity too.


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