The Grand Malayan Armada Part One – Uniting Malaya

As the title is called The Grand Malayan, of course my first step is going to form Malaya. And I will start as uniting Sumatra as Pagaruyung. The reasons why I chose Pagaruyung are:

  1. It is a Theravada nation, when Buddhist nations annex provinces that doesn’t have claim, they don’t need to waste diplomatic points.
  2. It has a gold mine
  3. It can form Malaya (duh)
  4. It has awesome stability and missionary strength national idea (After converting the Sunni, Hindu and Animists on the Spice Islands, there aren’t much trouble on expanding north)
  5. It was my first nation that played to 1821

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After embracing the renaissance, I took exploration as my first idea group and started to explore and colonize the surrounding. In the same time, I expanded into the Malacca Peninsula, Java island and Borneo island.

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The requirement to form Malaya is to have two out of Sumatra, Borneo or Malacca Peninsula, and Banten,  Pakuan, Demak and Kalapa. They are four provinces in Java. In fact, forming Malaya doesn’t change the original national idea, but gives permanent claims on the Malayan regions. Later, Ayutthaya rival me and gave me a reason to take its provinces in the Malacca Peninsula.

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This is one of the way to obtain The Spice Must Flow achievement. This is the first step of creating the Grand Malayan Armada. And it should be easier to form with Pasai or Malacca because they have more resources in the beginning.


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