Chapter Eight: Say Bye to Your Friends

In previous days, Bodo had constantly reminding Rie about choosing who to deliver the letter, the Vikings or the Saxons.  Today is the inevitible day that the choice should be made.  Either way, some of your companions will be lost.  Either the Christians or the Pagans,  Christian campanions will leave if Rie chooses to deliver the letter to the Vikings and vice versa.

Both sides used rheterics to convince you.  The Christians said war had destroyed a lot of lives and let’s stop the Vikings, meanwhile the Pagans claimed they can unite the North and once it is united, there won’t be any more war, but if it stays like this, there will be more little wars between factions.  As result, Rie chose to deliver the letter to the Vikings, Bodos and Brunhild left the team.


And every companions are waiting for my decision


The answer is….. Vikings! Bye Bodo


Bye Brunhild


Thank you for staying


Alright, done with the division


Yes, this letter added a lot of drama


Now I am becoming a Viking lord


I’ll talk to Halfdan later


You should be glad I didn’t choose the Saxon


There seems like to have no rejection


*Pledges oath to Northhymbre in modern English*


Honestly, I still no idea how does the mating system work in this game


Lost some companions, but got a high paid government job


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