Chapter Seven: Conflict in Mercia

As most of the Danish reinforcement is destroyed by Sven Bull Neck, the Ragnarssons, vikings that are invading England, only can rely on themselves on the war with Mercia and Wessex.  After reporting to Jarl Rathbarth, Rie and her warband arrived at Bjorn Ironside’s camp to discuss about the siege in Snutingaham, Mercia; and of course, Bodo’s letter of Wessex-Asturia alliance. Bjorn Ironside’s camp is fortified and located on top of the hill. Wessex and Mercia wouldn’t attack due to such inconvenience, but the Vikings can’t break out easily as well.

Apparently, the vikings are being outnumbered by Mercia and Wessex. However, both sides don’t want to attack. If battle is going to break out, both sides will suffer heavy casualties. Since the solution (Danish reinforcement) of this conflict is gone, both sides decided to sign a peace treaty. And the Vikings are turning their sword to the Picts, Kingdom of Alba at the north (modern-day Scotland).

Meanwhile, Bjorn needed Rie to send a message to his three other brothers that are sieging Snutingaham about the current situation. Rie needed to pass through the forest by herself. And there are Saxon guards guarding in the middle of the stream to forbid anyone trying communicate with the vikings. It is possible to kill them during the arrival, but it will be more challenging to do so when leaving. There will be more higher level units guarding the area. In addition, it is possible to go “discreet” by taking the long way of walking around the forest. Lastly, horses don’t work at this level.


Who got the initiative now?


Now I see why foragers have low life expectancy


Again, another reminder of choosing Wessex and Vikings


Ok, thank you?


And I will sell it to the museum or make it a family treasure if you know what I am talking about


Siege of Snutingaham


Recruit more men to watch me jogging in the forest?


What a nice day to jog around the forest and kill some guards


Done, all I need to do is to get back there alive and tell Bjorn about everyone support signing the peace treaty



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