Chapter Seven: Bull Neck’s Betrayal

After the trail and the dual with Reginhard in Denmark, Rie sailed along with the Viking expedition to England. In the same time, Bull Neck prepared a big betrayal plot for his brother Olvir White Hair. Eventually, he destroyed most of the viking ships and killed of the warriors at the surprise naval attack. Luckily, our main character, Rie and her crews survived.

As result, Rie reported to Jarl Rathbarth about the situation and Sven Bull Neck became the public enemy of the Vikings.


This is quite a lot in other strategy games, like Medieval II Total War


Like a boss


We will see this scene more often in later chapters


After Northhymbre is under control, Vikings are attacking Mercia at the moment


Let’s put personal affair apart, and deal with the big thing first


I will try to be rational, I will try to be rational, I will try to be rational…


After the meeting… someone isn’t being rational


Yes, run is the only option


You can’t fight super vikings that are buffed by the system


All vikings are going after Bull Neck now


Alright, I will work for you


Again, reminder of choosing Pagan Vikings or Christian Saxons


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