Turn the Tide Part 2, Break through Moscovy for Westernization

Forming Bukhara completed the first requirement of attaining the Turn the Tide. As result, my tech group went from Nomad into Muslim.  All I need to do is to break through Moscovy, wait for Sweden to be more advanced by me in 7 levels. Before doing that, I expanded all around, for more land, more wealth and more manpower. After I defeated Moscovy and share boarder with Sweden, I spend monarch points in everything except in advancing tech.

I bet the instruction of getting this achievement will be different. Every version of EU4 is a complete different game.

Edit: With the institution system, Uzbek starts without Feudalism and the spread of institution can be very slow in the steppe. Conquering neighbors with institution will be a viable option since Uzbek is still quite strong in early game. Then take some of the East European lands for Renaissance, colonize all the way to Alaska for Colonialism, do whatever you want for Printing Press, and the latter three institution will be merely building stuff. I will try to replay Uzbek after the newest build is out.

PS: I chose Offensive, Expansion and Trade idea groups. I chose offensive for the shock, siege and discipline bonus; expansion for extra merchent and colonist; and trade for more merchants. There are just too many trades nodes needed to be taken care of, East from Yumen (Later expanded into Xi’an), to West at Kazan. I need those merchants to steer my trade to the left direction (Kazan is left of Yumen). In addition, I am -100 pious most of the time so my tech are always ahead of my neighbors.


1. Let me blob more into Timurid to prepare for attacking Moscovy


2. Not now, I am dealing with Timurid and I would like to attack Moscovy with my boys


3. Timurid can never recover again


4. As soon as Moscovy won the war with the Golden Horde


5. Not only taking back what’s lost, also taking more in the process


6. Not so related to this achievement, but wtf?


7. Another war of expanding into Western Chinese market


8. Well, you asked in the right time, give me a few months…


9. The Astrakhan trade node is mine now


10. Became so large, vassalized and annexed a minor already


11. I will help you Persia, to stop the Ottoman, who has strongest military atm…


12. Alright, I am coming


13. Many years later after that Otto-Persian war….


14. And this Crimea became my rival


15. Who’s the king of this plain?


16. Training and fighting monsters before going to te big boss


17. Okay, we are ready to attack Moscovy


18. Must be painful for Moscovy, but not my problem


19. Finally boarder with Sweden, closet Western tech nation after Genoa got kicked out


20. Nice to see, but what about Westernization? Why don’t you research faster instead?


21. Can’t wait for the rebels and +5 unrest in the following years!


22. Done


23. I don’t know why am I doing this again? Westernization is going to be gone soon!


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