Rome Total War Coming up in iPad

Rome Total War, a classic strategy game which was created by Sega in 2004, is releasing its iPad version in 2016!  As a Total War Series fan, I am shocked that Sega is releasing an old game in iOS platform.  I was expecting Sega is going to release another total war series in a different settings, or something like Medieval 3, Empire 2 Total War instead of expanding to a new platform.

Sega had released multiple Total War Series in the past, including settings like Medieval Europe, Sengoku Jidai of Japan, Enlightenment Age of Europe, New World and even the fantasy world and the rest are covered by player made mods. Is Sega “thinking outside of the box” once or is it really out of possible settings for Total War?

In the same time, it is still unclear whether will Barbarian Invasion and Alexander, the two RTW official mods be playable in iPad.


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