EU4 Achievement: Getting One Family Rule Them All in Nov 11, 1444

One Family Rule Them All can be a quick and easy achievement if done in the “right” way, or it can be done with lots of PU, royal marriage, putting family in vassals orhope the other family to die out…
This method can get you the achievement in the beginning of the game and involves an empire that can have multiple vassals. That’s right, it is Ming! Just release 8 Confucian vassals. Just beware the fact that Miao and Yi are Animist in the beginning of the game and player can’t put relative on these two vassals. (Not sure about Dali, the Buddhist vassal)


Achievement description


Count your vassals here. And yes, prepare to lose a lot of diplo points if wanted to continue


Dang, I wish you are the emperor and you won’t rule long anyway


Just beware of Yi and Miao, they are Animists. Then just place relative on thrones. Who cares about liberty desire at this point anyway? Not like I am going to continue the game


Got it!

PS: If you are planning to continue playing as Ming, I suggest you to restart (duh) because your family is draining your diplo points.


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