Liberty or Death Achievement

Liberty or Death is the only EU4 achievement that’s given in an ironman game that’s NOT started in November 11, 1444. This is one of the easy-medium difficulty achievement


During the Seven Years War, the British and the French were also fighting in the colonies at the new world. Afterward, Britain fell into debt and needed to collect more taxes to pay their debt. As the Americans (former thirteen colonies) felt this is too much  burden, they decided to revolt and declare independence, in July, 4th 1776. In the beginning, there were 8 generals that players can choose from. George Washington is a great one as its 6 maneuver, so it’s possible to travel around the East coast quickly. But I chose Aronld, who’s the best in shock and firing.

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It took me less than three years to finished the war but in reality, it lasted 8 years and 4 months. Well, King George is smarter than EU4 AI, no doubt. It is fairly easy to win as the British only can send limited amount of army at a time and the Canadian and loyalist army aren’t big as the Americans.

PS: Almost all forts are very high level and since there aren’t much cannon around, just take the territories aren’t controlled by the forts’ magical circle.

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