Chapter Six: Being my own lawyer in the Assembly

Since there are too many key photos for the Assembly, I would just sum it up in a video. I had made it like “Law and Order” and I am being my own lawyer defending myself against Sigurd and Bull Neck’s accusations. The dual with Reginhard is included in the video too.

As result, the Assembly ruled me as innocent but I still have to participate community service in the reinforcement for Northumbria and dual with Reginhard. In the same time, King Horik need to help Sigurd on regrouping. Also after getting rid of Reginhard in the dual, a new member, Asbjorn, the judge from the Assembly joined.

In addition, since Haha got into some bug issue during recording, so I replayed the game with a new character, Rie.


Greetings, Judge Asbjorn.


Wait, so I should call you Judge Dr. Asbjorn


And I chose the most unfunny option….


After exiting Ribe


I know you hate him…


You had some quarrel with him…


Now we can talk shit about Reginhard


Anyone wanted follow Egil can go with him, I promise I won’t sell you guys as slaves


And geographic trivia tips from Asbjorn


Alright, let’s sail to England


Glad this time is free


Yes, I am ready for next chapter!


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