Chapter Five: Lone Wolf


After King Horik noticed Sigurd’s plan of assembling a large army to invade England, he feared that Sigurd will use the army to take over his throne too. Thus, Haha was sent to Odin’s Cave in Norway, where Sigurd’s men hide the letter and Bodo. Odin’s Cave is very far away from the population. Its closest habited region to it is Hordaland, a Norwegian fort which is very far from the majority of Norwegians too. Very little traveller would visit such isolated place.

Siguard had 9 men, including his second best warrior Atli, and kept Bodo as a prisoner in the cave. Haha went into the cave by himself. Luckily, his throwing spears were extremely helpful in this showdown. Eventually, Haha successfully rescued Bodo and obtained the letter.

The letter described how Wessex and other Spanish kingdoms are going unite to counter Sigurd’s viking raids. As the letter being powerful as it seem, Haha and Bodo decided to kept the letter in secret and lied to Horik about the letter is lost in the fight. However, Alti and the other men were dead and Sigurd can use it to accuse Haha and even Horik. Now, Horik suggested Haha to make good relationship with other Jarl and Ulf. So there will be more people defending him in the Assembly.

When Haha reached Ulf’s farmstead, there was a berserker trying to marry Ulf’s daughter, Thora so he can inherit the farmstead. In the same time, his daughter is pregnant. Of course Ulf did not want his daughter to marry Orm the berserker, she would be off to Egil or stay as a single mother. Ulf needed someone to solve the issue and Haha volunteered for it. This led to the dual between Haha and Orm

Haha finished Orm with a few javelin throws. Ulf became extremely grateful to Haha for finishing the berserker and willing to stand on Haha’s side during the assembly. Haha then took Orm’s equipment and farewell with Ulf and his daughter. Everything is ready and all Haha needed to do is to wait for the Assembly.

Outside of the Plot:

So there will be two major battle here and it should be done by the player alone. First, it is a 1v9 in Odin’s Cave. The enemies are different Norse units and seperated by location. Throwing weapons will be very useful at this point, unless you have very awesome hitpoint, equipment and skill.   The second one will be helping Ulf fighting the berserker. Still, it is a battle that can be done by throwing weapons and that’s what I used.

Other than battle, this is a good time to do quests for the other Danish Jarls so they will stand on your side during the Assembly.


Ready to enter Odin’s Cave


Doesn’t matter how many men you come with, you are doing it yourself


Pretty nice but narrow scenary


Got this Greek engineer after finishing Odin’s Cave


First time seeing the main character, right?


Plan B!!!


Plan B succeed already?


I guess he will give positive testimony now


Let’s talk about compensation…


He is here to eat javelin?


Cool, you can be my lawyer during Assembly


Value pride more than anything, including daughter


Calm down, there won’t be any problem


I think you want a one way ticket to Valhalla


Here the dual begins…


Nothing can’t be solved by one throwing spear, if there is, then throw another one


What desperate moment?


Alright, I will take the armour


Again, nothing can’t be solved with throwing spears


A False Ulfberth sword and a berserker armour as reward


Even it gives great bonus, I am hating it already, I would just give it so Solveig


Take your time….


And just wait for it to happen….


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