Chapter Four: Sigurd’s Plan


After the surprised attack in Sven’s lair, Jarl Sigurd finally “have time” to speak to Haha during a symbel in Ribe, Denmark. Perhaps he found out Haha can be destructive after seeing what he did to the lair and rescued Bodo, one of Sven’s prisoner he captured during the raid. During the conversation, Haha learned a lot about Sigurd and the Ragnar family. In the end, Haha agreed to exchange Bodo to having a chance to trade back his mom with Sven in a farmstead near Skyfa.

Hence, Haha bought 30 men including his companions and marched to the farmstead near Skyfa. The landlord of the farm, Ulf greeted them. Ulf had some relationship with the Jarl and ordered to greet these men. However, Ulf was serving terrible food. Haha’s companions were angered and found out Ulf was hiding all the good treat. Relationship among the two parties dropped to the lowest point at the moment. Ulf wanted these undisciplined bandits to get out of his farm and the warband thought they were treated like dogs.

Haha’s warband rest in the farmstead overnight. In the next day, a group of viking warriors (more than 60) marched to the farmstead and asked Haha to trade for his mom. Haha’s warband and the viking warriors were staring at each other while their leader Olvir White Hair was trying having a conversation with Haha. Later, Olvir sent someone who had their head covered with a wheat sack and walk to Haha and claimed that’s Haha’s mom.

As Haha realized that his mom isn’t that muscular, he ordered his troops move inside the farmstead’s door way and Haha moved in with them. As predicted, the man in wheat sack pulled out a dagger and tried to stab Haha. Fortunately, he was killed by the warband and the viking warriors started to charge into the farmstead.

With the advantage guarding the doorway, Haha’s warband sent all of the vikings to Valhalla. In the same time, some members of the warband “went along” with the vikings too. After settling down from the bloody battle, Haha and Egil reported to King Horik in the wilderness about what happened in the farmstead. It turned out Egil was King Horik’s “spy” and his purpose was to investigate Haha. Horik then understood how Haha accidentally destroyed Sigurd’s plan of setting Doccinga as a base to raise a Frisian puppet king. In the same time, he  became worried that Sigurd is going to use the army to overthrow King Horik and become king himself.

After the meeting, Haha forgave Egil and understood why he be a spy. The warband felt upset about this decision as there were no such incident of spy infiltration before. However, this was the only logical move at the moment. Then, Haha sailed to Norway and seek the letter in Odin’s Cave, where Sigurd hid Bodo and the letter, to prove Sigurd’s ambition.

Outside of the Plot:

The most challenging part is the battle at Ulf’s Farmstead. 30 men against 60 elite units, it is definately difficult. However, I found a loophole, bug. I AM SAYING IT OUT LOUD AND THE ONLY THING I FEAR IS TALEWORLDS CAN’T HEAR ME!!! I could just press tab and win the battle instantly, withour losing one men. Perhaps it is one of the debug features so game testers can skip to next round and then the developers forgot to turn it off?

As a Total War player, I find the doorway of the farmstead is extreamly useful for defense. I actually used it to defeat Olvir once. The spearmen and Norse freeholders were guarding the door and I was making headshot with my longbow by standing in the sideway. But indeed, this is a very hard battle because the enemy has higher quantity and even better quality troops.

PS: 30 men is enough to form special formation, just make them in one group.


Sigurd finally got time to speak after I raided Sven’s hideout


There’s no other option but accepting this trade


Pay what? My life?



Dude, you remember I almost died because of you at the ship?


You only can bring 30 men into Ulf’s farmstead


Egil being Egil causing trouble and flirting with girl


Then your crew dissatisfied with Ulf’s treatment


That’s what happen if you let your crews take the good food


Meeting with Horik after the battle


Three men, wilderness (not gay porn plot, please)


You are right… Sigurd is not confident with Sven


Oh, you are a spy, so surprising… I knew you were Horik’s son


We can deal with Ulf later


Excuse me? Who was the one that’s firting with Brunhild and causing trouble with the others?


That’s right, there are always ambitious men wanted to become King and then get kill by other ambitious men


Down side of Feudalism


Me going along to get letter



What if he is an ambit… never mind


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