Chapter Three, Surprises

After Haha was exiled from Frisia, he and his warband sailed to Ribe, Denmark. Ribe is one of the busiest port in North Europe. It filled with local residents, merchants, shipbuilders and raiders came back from work.

There’s another reason why Haha wanted to visit Ribe, other than selling wine he purchased from Dorestead earlier. That reason is the port master of Ribe actually knows where Svar Bull Neck’s Hideout is. If Haha can find the hideout, he then can rescue his mother.

Of course, there aren’t free lunch in this world. When Haha asks the port master where Bull Neck’s Hideout is, the port master told Haha to get a book for him from a church called Gleann Da Loch in Ireland, or pay 10,000 gold for the information. Although Haha made some fortune from the wine and wool trade in Frisia, this large sum of money is still a burden for Haha. Hence so he and his crew sailed to Ireland, and asked Gleann Da Loch for the book “The Cathach of Colum Cille“. However, that book is very important to that church so Haha only can take it after threatened the Abbot of Gleann Da Loch. In return, some Irish Christian kingdoms enraged and see Haha and his men as one of the aggressive pirate warbands.

After all of the drama in Ireland, Haha eventually sailed back to Ribe and met with the port master. The port master is a trustworthy person and told Haha about the location of Svar’s Hideout. It is located at the center of Denmark, away from towns and castles. It is discreet to travellers and commoners so they can’t find their base accidentally. Gladly, Haha found it through trading with the port master.

Haha and his warband launched a surprise to attack Svar’s Hideout. It could have been a “slave purchase” if members of the warband weren’t as passion as crushing Svar. In the end, the surprise attack worked and the warband successfully took it down turned it into a refugee camp. However, after rescuing the slaves, Haha’s mom weren’t there! Only two female slave and Bodo, one of the passenger that sailed along Haha and his mom were there. Later, after conversation with Bodo and the rest of the members in the warband, Haha found out his mother is still alive and all he needed to do is to rescue her.

After rescuing Bodo in the surprise attack there were a robbery (or assassination) attempt on Haha near Svar’s Hideout. Solveig, a Norwegian female warrior joined Haha’s warband and became one of his close friend after fighting off the robbers. Then, Haha met the Danish king, King Horik and talked about Jarl Sigurd in the wilderness. At first, he did not believe what was going on but then sent his illegitimate son Egil to join the warband to know more investigate about Haha. I totally didn’t expect this would happen.

To be continued…

Outside of the plot:

Player can either pay 10,000 peningas or get the book from the church to the port master to exchange information about Svar’s Hideout. If player doesn’t have enough persuasion to get the book from threatening the abbot, player can either pay money to the port master or raid the church. If player chose to raid the church, monks will travel to other Christian kingdoms and spread the news of the raid and make the kingdoms to go to war with player. It can be resolved by paying those kingdoms a few hundred of peningas, it would be a problem but it can be annoying if they constantly doing it.

After having the information from the port master, player can choose to buy slave, direct attack or surprise attack Svar’s Hideout. Either way, player’s mom isn’t there. After this are events and conversations for testing player’s leadership skill and style.

Later, Solveig and Egil joined and Egil will be the drama queen before reporting back to King Horik… It is highly suggestive to do quests for King Horik and other Jarls for them to have a positive attitute on you


He is willing to trade the information about Svar’s Hideout


I never tried the second option, but book and money are options


When you tried to talk to Sigurd before attacking the hideout, he won’t talk to you


Trying not to raid the church…


Doesn’t matter, it is good as long as I have the book. If you can read, read it before giving it to the port master


Your eyes shines through my heart, now tell me where that hideout is


Svar’s Hideout is in somewhere in the Danish wilderness


Try to lure them out, they are pretty strong units. But in this surprise attack, they are more scattered


Great that the surprise attack works


Turn it a refugee camp or destroy it after captured Svar’s Hideout


Bodo is saved


Plot twist enough?


I prefer Refuge to be close to the sea for the view


Here comes the group meeting with campanions…


But Ivar the Boneless is stronger than Snake Eye, right?


Finish these guys and get Solveig to be your campanion


In a sudden, a strong, pretty blonde with a spear appeared


Solveig is watching you…


When you talk to King Horik about Svar and the raid…


Egil the drama queen is approaching


And I am sorry, Egil, you seem like you only have a short spear


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