Suggested videos on history and related stuff

As I realized, most viewers of this page are gamers especially in the Strategy genre who are interested in world history. (Well, I mostly write about EU4 and it is a world history-simulation game). I am here to share some Youtube videos and channels that are about world history.

The video below is about political map changes in East Asia and Central Asia.  (From Japan to Iranian Plateau and from Siberia to the Malacca Strait) The time phrases covered from ancient historic time when there were first writing records to modern days.

The only flaw of this video is its “Sinocentric” view and China being the main character. I meant in the video, it only shows the regions which are known by the Chinese. The regions that were unknown to the Chinese aren’t shown. It is similar to “fog of war” in most strategic games. So sorry for Babylon, Akkadian Persia, Alexander the Great and his Diadochi can’t make it on the list because the world was not well connected enough back then. 😦


This is a video about how ancient languages sound like. The video has sounds of reading of ancient texts like poetries and lores from that particular languages. Unless you are studying ancient linguistic or relating courses, most of them are very hard to understand (duh…. this is 2016, not ancient time).


This is a video about history of the Mesopotamia regions before Islam. Although Mesopotamia is one of the earliest civilization, there aren’t much coverage in history courses. (At least in US public high schools). Maybe it is lack of records from that time but this video explains the history in detail.

Also, this channel has much more video about modern political and economical matters like Syria, financial crisis in 2008…


For these, instead saying video suggestion, this is more of like channel suggestions. CrashCourse has great insight of humanity and social science topics like world history, philosophy, economics to STEM subjects like physics and anatomy. I believe many college students know about this channel already, but it is still worth for sharing.

If you are into cold weapons, these two channel are designed for you. Skallagrim and this Conquest playlist (not a channel). These experts share their insights about various types of weapons from different era and regions of the world.

And…. that’s all of the suggestions. Hope you will enjoy them and comment if you have good channel suggestions related to world history and social science too.


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