Viking Conquest Chapter 2, How to Get Exiled in a Few Weeks

Haha’s small army defeated Thiaderd’s force in his hideout after a bloody battle, and the refugees continue living at that hideout. Thiaderd the rebel is dead and Haha should return to the Jarl Hrodulf and receive his reward.

However, what’s waiting for Haha isn’t rewards, nor information about his mother, but another risky task that to fulfill Jarl Hrodulf’s ambition. This time, the Jarl wants Haha to assassinate the king. Of course, Haha didn’t turn down the offer immediately and tried to explain to the king about the Jarl’s ambition. It just the king still trusts that Hrodulf is loyal to him.

Later, the viking army arrives at Doccinga and a peasant asked Haha for help. After hearing the message, Haha recruited more men and rushed to aid Doccinga becuase of those peasants saved Haha at the first place. This time, it is just returning a favor. After Haha’s army arrived, they found out no nobels are coming to help, only Doccingan peasants and Haha’s small army are stuggling against the fearsome vikings. Eventually, after a long battle, the invasion is repelled.

Of course, Jarl Hrodulf is angry at Haha for ruining his plan for making Doccinga as settling land for the vikings to overthrow the Frisian king and exiles Haha from Frisia. A moment later, Haha received a message from Doccinga about the peasanes captured a “sea captain” after a battle. The peasants and Haha interragated him and eventually got some valuable information about their plots about overthrowing the Frisian king, invading England and Haha’s mother.

After a whole night of interragation, Haha and his army sailed away from Frisia with Brunhild, an ex-Frisian slave on the boat provided by the Doccingans… And starts a whole new advanture, and seek revenge on Bull Neck Svar.

Outside of the plot: I do not know what happen if player chooses not to save Doccinga and instead of letting the vikings settle there. I never tried to assassinate the king because it doesn’t seem like there’s such action. Please let me know if there is.

Also, take advantage before leaving Frisia (talking to Hrodulf after the battle). I believe you can stay for as long as you wish if you don’t talk to him at all!


This eventually happens after Thiaderd decided to fight you


Just in case you don’t know what a blood eagle is, it is the action of cutting off someone’s ribs from a person’s back and then make a flapping gesture with the lungs. It is an extreme revenge action that vikings take for extreme violation, like revenge for family’s death… See Vikings season 2 or this game for more detail haha


And you are back with “good news” to Jarl HH


You doubted my ability and send me to fight rebels??


This Jarl finally revealed his ambition and asked you to kill the Frisian King.


Yeah…. If you failed, don’t give him blame; if you succeed, don’t let people know. Let him becomes king and punish the evil assassin in his hideout.


Hey! We are just a new steps away from that Jarl’s castle! Don’t let him know!


And, here it comes, Battle of Doccinga


And the king won’t believe you, even you have a quite good relationship with him


He knew what’s going on, but just doesn’t believe it, maybe he’ll be convinced if Jarl HH does it by himself?

After a Battle of Doccinga….


After the battle and you returned to his castle. Yes, I just ruined your selfish plan that might get me killed in many ways, problem?


Either way, you are becoming an outlaw


Just before the exile, let’s buy all of the luxary!!!


And time for some torturing


This half naked tall blonde is waiting for your whipping


Wow… this small battle can impact that much, carry on


And then whenyou asked where your mom is, he told you she could be somewhere in Denmark


Alright, won’t be back soon anyway…


Alright, now you are an outlaw


Soon, you will be heading to a beach near Doccinga, you’ll learn how to navigate a boat and get Brunhild in your team


This can be helpful for beginners who are new to naval battle and navigation


And…. let’s start a new chapter of this advanture story


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