Viking Conquest Storyline Prologue

Viking Conquest is one of Mount and Blade ‘s official mod.  Mount and Blade is a single player historical RPG. Besides Viking Conquest, it also has mods like Warband, Bannerlord, Napoleonic War… I mostly play Viking Conquest because of the historical background and its awesome music.

Hence this is going to be a “guide” for Viking Conquest’s storyline mode. I put the quoation marks around guide because there are definately more ways to beat the game and more endings and possibilities. I am only going to write about one of them, but the storyline will be similar. Therefore… SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As this is only the prologue, I am only going to write about my settings on this game and how this story begins… I made the combat setting the most realistic as possible but not too difficult in the same time because I am a noob that prefer realism. Hence, I choose the normal difficulties but less damges going to be taken by myself and my teammates.


Storyline mode


Not so hard difficulties


I am a cis white pagan male


beginning stat, and named myself Haha


You and your mom were in a merchent boat going to look for a physician to England.  While the voyage, you encountered a shipwreck scene which were done by a viking raid. Those vikings were looking for someone (Bodo) on your boat… And that’s how your family and sailors of this merchent boat got into a huge conspiracy and ambition of Vikings trying to conquer England and claiming to be king and setting puppets…

Anyways, the vikings returned to the shipwreck scene and you got defeated. You fainted from the battle and floated to a fishing village at Frisia.


And that’s how the story begins, you started on a boat near shipwrecks after a raid


And you and your mom somehow got into a conspiracy


Jump over and do some basic combat training


fighting with clubs and a shield on a boat with a sailor


The vikings are back, somehow your shield is gone, but you got a new axe. And you can’t win this battle for sure


You are saved, just because you are the main character


And….. story begins


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