Viking Conqest Chapter 1 – Who Expects a Viking Raid at a Trip to Visit a Doctor

After the viking raid, Haha fainted and washed up to Doccinga. He was being saved by a healer in Doccinga and its village leader Thonkrik told Haha to meet with Jarl Hrodulf becuase he knows more about the Svar Bull, the viking that raided your boat.  Jarl Hrodulf eventually “agreed” to help Haha on the revenge in exchange of Haha working for him.

In the process, Haha dealt with the problem of the Church trying to scam land from illerate peasants and Frisian rebels for the Jarl. And somehow, this inexperinced commoner got to have such power. Haha learned this world is dark and dirty. It is up to him to stay clean or just go with the crowd.

Outside of the story line, Frisia is a good place to earn money. You can buy salt, wines and jewleries from Frisia to other cities like Dunwic and Londonwic for profit. Buying wool from other place and sell them in Frisia is also profitable! The supply and demand of these goods among these cities are ridiculous. Player may be lack of cash in the beginning but this is totally doable when the Jarl gave you money to hire warriors to fight rebels. Do a few business trip before actually hiring warriors. In addition, it is highly recommanded to take generic quests from the mayor, lord and village leader to raise levels. You should definately make some money to have better equipments before fighting too, right?


The fishing village player got washed into


It is also some sort of “Tutorial Village” as players can train their combat here before going out encountering powerful foes


This is the village leader that player is going to talk to, he will then tell you look for Jarl HH for more details


Another trainer in this tutorial village


This guy knows about the Svar Bull, Viking that raided your ship


Somehow you just able to walk into his hall as a commoner and the Jarl gave you work, and the work is to deal with relation of the church and peasants


Let’s start the investigation


If you know how to read, you skip this part


Summoning both parties before the trail


Interviewing inexperienced scammer


Now choose between justice, or sacrificing it for “greater good”


Go back there, what you chose had some consequences on your reputation and relation with these guys


Either way, the Jarl will tell you profit first


Either you make the Jarl happy or not, he will give you another task and you are allowed to hire warriors (You never took position in a management/commanding role!!!) He is surely taking lots of risk


Asked an inexperienced commoner to take a small army to face rebels…. I don’t know what to say


“Traitor” of the rebel group that you are supposed to talk to


You will learn about his story, and he will be your first teammate, you will have more teammates


Talking about his ex-boss


Now do a little quest for him, donate to orphan


Not sure about their relationship, but if these money can help, it would be nice


She can be found in one of the house the dock, and she is the merchent that sells common goods


You got his trust….


Then you two and your small army met with the rebel, fight broke out eventually and the rebels are gone


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