Hilarious, buggy screenshot of Mount and Blade: Viking Conquest

Mount and Blade: Viking Conquest is an official mod from the game Mount and Blade. It is very addictive for players who are into the theme of vikings, anglo-saxons, celts and the medieval age. The music, gameplay, storyline are splendid, but there are things that I would love to make fun of, the physics.

I used to be a game developer and I know coordination and logic at games sometimes just don’t match with reality. And here are some of them. I don’t get used to screenshot while fighting. So most of them will be outside of combat. There can be more hilarious screenshots during combat.


Just because no one play these working mini game doesn’t mean you can slack off, Taleworlds!


How many are there?


Happened in one of my female character game, these headless archers are actually what my character is wearing. And then your own army and “another you” will be fighting with your army. You can’t quit and the battle won’t end. 


Hadrian’s farm


No? Yes? No? Maybe?


Uhh…. that’s quite paranormally normal


Just believe in yourself, you can fly!


Jesus Christ tripped himself





How to get the achievement Gold Farmer without actually having lots of peningas


Villagers: You can tell gravity to f**k itself



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