A Sun God Part 8 (done) Reached divinehood

After colonizing all territories and took St. Helena from Britain from a war, I received this achievement as soon as I cored it. Besides, I also get Pile of Gold in the process after I conquered some part of Mexico.

Besides in the the Americas, I colonized Taiwan and Philippines for trade nodes in Chengdu, Canton and Philippines. I can use the trade company in Philippines to transfer trade power from China to Mexico, eventually, they will end up in the Caribbean.

For Ideas, I chose Defensive, Exploration, Religion (for crusade and missionary strength), Trade, Expansion, Espionage (for the annoying spies from patch 1.17) and Offensive. I am thinking of either Trade or Quality for my 8th idea.

In conclusion, the steps of getting this achievement is

  1. Unite all Incan tribes
  2. Finish reforming religion and Westernization
  3. Expand to the rest of South America and Panama (Panama is not required but highly recommended). Don’t forget about¬†Galapagos, Falkland, St. Helena and South Georgia. This is the longest step, probably longer than 4
  4. Look for opportunity to remove colonial powers

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