A Sun God part 7: Backstab for the sake of achievement

From part 6, I conquered all of the South American main land territories from the English and the Portuguese by taking advantage of their wars in Europe. In this time, I am going bring it to a whole new level. In this time, I am going to kick the new colonists from Scandinavia, backstab my ex-ally Netherlands and expand into the Caribbean. Meanwhile, the price of this ambition being backstabbed by France and Portugal in West Africa.

Although I lost some of my territories in West Africa and Mexico Gulf, most of their trades still flows to the Caribbean, my new main port. I learned light fleets can be so powerful it can give embargo bonus too! After losing the war, I controlled no land and no protectorate and no one is transferring me trade power in the Ivory Coast. I only have my merchant and fleets there. However, I still managed have to be the most trade power and strongest embargo with the espionage idea, it makes Europeans almost hardly to receive trade power from the Americas and West Africa.

In case you don’t know, Caribbean is the trade node that can receive almost all trade nodes from South America, most part of North America and Ivory Coast from West Africa.

All I need to do now is to colonize the rest of South America and take St. Helena from the British, which I never realized it is a South American Island.

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