A Sun God Part3: What to do with Technology Gap

Right after I finished westernization, I can finally rival those European global empires. Of course, I can’t confront them face to face in technology, income nor military. The only advantage I have over them is geographical because those global empires takes time to come to aid their colonies. And they only can send a limited number of troops, but watch their number of cogs in the ledger. It is time for expansion, but it should only be limited to colonial expansion in the Panama and Lima trade node. If they decided to declare war on you, you can fend them off easily by occupying their colonies and defeating them by the coast with quantity. In the same time, upgrade your tech and catch up with the Europeans. Try not to declare war on colonial nations, especially when their mother countries have a lot of allies. Well, you know, AI’s allies will sacrifice everything to eliminate the player too. Although I won the war in this chapter, but I did waste much more manpower if I waited. Hence, I would suggest take it slowly.

For economy, as Inca’s income is mainly from gold and tax, it would be a good idea to colonize the Panama trade node to increase income from trade and production. I had fully controlled of Lima and Cuiaba, expanding into Panama is the only choice and the only competitor would be colonial Colombia. But if you get to have Panama, it will not be a problem. In addition, Panama also receive trade from Mexico. So at this point, you basically have most of the trade from the West coast of the America. Also, at this time, inflation will be harsh, and choose economic idea group can reduce it quite a lot.

The reason why I chose the religion idea group because I need causi belli and cheaper coring cost after using most of them in westernization. Just remember, you will at least need to core the rest of South America mainland and Galapagos Islands, St. Helen and Falkland! Plus Inti give tolerance to true faith to reduce unrest, I would just want better missionary strength to convert the Christians with extra missionaries faster. There aren’t many types of cultures in South America anyway, right? Expansion is a good idea with extra merchant and colonist, but you don’t need it at the moment because you will eventually have enough time to colonize them all.

And here is the progress…

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