A Sun God Part 2: Reform, Westernization and War

Continue from the last part of uniting and forming Inca, I finally finished to reform and westernize. This is the part when Inca is going to face foreign and internal threats. Historically, Inca didn’t pass this point. After all the reformation and rebels, it took me a few years just to recover the manpower and the debt. After all, I made through it and the only problems that I am going to face are technological gap with the European nations and getting more land in South America.

For internal threats, most of them are from “meant to happen” events and I have an article about them. These events are great to learn about the fall, culture and incest within the Incan Empire. Basically rebels that pop up, you can afford the mercenaries as you have enough gold mine and dominated the Lima and Cuiaba trade node. For external threats, you can deal with them by quantity because by the 1500s, Europeans don’t have much transport ships and their allies usually won’t join the distant war anyway. Also, that final reformation will make the technological gap narrower. If you are skillful enough, you won’t let them happen in the same time, even it does happen in the same time, it is a problem that can be solved by a mercenaries.

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