Incan Events Prior Westernization

As first time playing the Inca in EU4, their Inti religion has interesting events and Paradox is doing very well in simulating Incan history. At first, Cusco is a small state and eventually became the enormous Inca Empire through conquest and leadership. Then massive internal conflicts from religious reform and civil war weakened the empire. Also, smallpox from the European led Inca’s manpower decreases. In another word, people are just dying from civil wars and disease. Inca eventually became a large empire with little manpower, that’s what it is in history.

I’d give an A+ to Paradox on simulating this part of history. I learned some about royal/holy marriage incest of the Sapa Inca and Incan religion through this. And glad the European only invaded me after I recovered from the manpower loss.

Authority is the game mechanic that unlocks religion reform. Player will need to get 100 authority for reforming. As soon as player reforms, player will get that bonus and then rebels break out and the authority falls back to 0. It will need to be done 5 times totally. Afterward, if player has total tech level of 18 or bordering a western tech group nation, player can reform again to admin, diplo and mil technology levels will be level 8 and able to unlock two idea groups. Authority can be received from events or taking away autonomy from provinces. As authority gives -unrest bonuses, it is worthy enough to take them away without fearing of rebellion at that moment.

PS: This post is going to be heavily on pictures, and some are repeated like the European smallpox event and religious reform events. My point is that they don’t just occur once.


This is second day of the game, foreshadowing the rise of Cusco


Even you don’t build it, your first national idea will be Machu Picchu too


You may not like your spouse but it can help the empire on getting authority, development and reform religion an Westernize quicker. So please consider the macro scale.


Come on, who would choose this option?


Both options give temple


Rebels are willing sacrifice for authority


When loving your sibling means totally different thing


Yes, you can marry your sister


After this, people will be quiet.  


This gambling event will continue happening after westernization, like spend money for stability if success, or just lost some prestiege


For the wealthy Inca, this money ain’t problem


I will need naval power eventually


This is what happen when reformed, you get bonus and rebels, and 4 more time!!


This only happened once


Take my money and admin point away, just give me authority, they are the cure for everything


Trust me, you’ll love these temporary boost. It will be continue happening throughout the game, it is  like these new royal guards and nobles are fighting for your attention


Oh well…. it only happened once and can give bonus


More reforms!!


One of the five reform bonus gives a colonist, you will love and hate him because he can deal with these unsettled land but incredibly slow and costs 2.1 ducat per month 


More temporary boost


You attention whores….


gimme stability


That just sick, look at that unrests


THIS IS A TRAP!!! A good trap thought


Should I feel annoyed by how many times I need to click?


Better not be a trap, I still have rebels around


Here comes the ultimate civil war, supporting either one gives a great Sapa Inca, but both spawn massive rebels and if surrender, you’ll have a noob Sapa Inca. So just stick it up and kill all rebels


Finally something nice


Plotting with 6k troop? That’s brave and annoying


Should I thank these Europeans for lowering my unrest?


I might just slow down a bit since noble rebels are quite strong.


Glad too see, and now feel really emptied, low manpower and debt. A good rest can fix these


Love thy neighbor, they will give you stability


Happened once, I chose religion group because it is very expansive for Inca to raise stability, but for tech cost discount, totally worth it.


You better be lasting till the game ends


More reforms, of course I didn’t screenshot all of them, but that’s what you will be expecting every time you reform 


Is it a trap?


Nope, that’s great


I think this one is during westernization or right after it? The process took a while thanks to the Andes Tech group and starting a short climate change

So that’s the events I screenshoted and they may change in the future patch based on how Paradox is going to change this alternative history simulation game.



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