Exercises for gamers with sedentary life style

As a gamer and an otaku, I often find myself sitting in front of computer and playing video game for hours without realizing how long I had been playing. It is common sense that sedentary life style can cause cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, obesity… I heard about this in school and in books multiple times already. We all know it is unhealthy to sit and play games for hours but we still do it anyway. Why? We love to play games, they are fun and entertaining, that’s why.

Indoor exercises are one of many ways to improve this situation. I believe I don’t need to explain what are the benefits of exercising because they are all over the internet. Here are some basic exercises that can be done at home, even your bedroom in front of computer. For single players (except for Dark Souls), just pause the game and for multiplayer, exit when done with your round and do some physical exercise. This will increase more physical exercise and less sedentary.

(I don’t own any of these following pictures)

F2E Free to Exercise – can be done without buying any equipment, other than classic exercise like push up and sit up.



Squatting, this classic exercise your thigh, the body part that doesn’t get much workout. It looks simple but it can hurt your inner thigh so much that you can’t walk properly. (not dirty joke)





Dip, like push up. It helps a lot at exercising your triceps and can be done easily with a chair, or anything you can hold on!






Planking, requires the least movement but still can perform abs work out. Just bend your elbow, have a straight line from ankle to shoulder, and stay for a minute or so.



P2E Pay to Exercise – need pay a little bit to be done

7557753_origDumbbell press – there are a lot of exercises can be done with dumbbells. Dumbbell press is one of the easiest and require the least energy because you can do it while sitting on a chair, or laying on a bench! Besides, you always can do cuban press, butterfly, dead lift and much more with it. Just pay for the “dumbbell DLC” and “unlock” these new features.


k_11_022839_irongympullupbarPull up bars, before using pull bars, I can’t even do a chin up and now I can proudly say that I can do multiple of them. This is not paid ads and this exercise can improve your upper body strength. If you really have trouble on doing a pull up, you always can buy a pull up assist and start with chin up. This can be cost a bit more than dumbbells but you always can hang it on your doorway.



Machines, these can be done at home but they can cost up to hundreds or even thousands of USD. This can “unlock” many more exercises but if purchased this, but you might just hit up a local gym. A full year gym membership is very likely to be cheaper than buying a machine and gyms have more machines. The only “downside” for gym is that you will not be next to your PC or console. If you really want to work out not next to your PC, you might just get a bicycle, jump rope, or play “multiplayer game” like basketball, tennis or soccer with your friends, right?

These are my suggestions for gamers and otakus who wanted to improve their health from their sedentary lifestyle based on my experiences. Yes, there are more indoor physical activities that I hadn’t list. Also, eating healthy and sleep early are critical to health too, so our body won’t fall early and able to play more.


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