Persia Part 8: Attempt to unite all Iranian cultures and things happened

After westernization, I chose to move East and try to unite all Iranian culture and eventually get into dominate the Yuman trade node.

20160425002901_1Here I introduce you Balchistan, my ex-ally when I was removing Timurid and ex-rival before I became too big. Its ally Janipur may have large manpower but no match to westernized Persian Empire, and Malwa… I don’t know much about it as it is not even participating

20160425003734_1Andddd…. Muscovy declared war on me because I am in war

20160425003746_1Glad my potential rival is still on my side, and someone clearly made a mistake

20160425004749_1Hey, I thought I am the main character!! You just going after commonwealth, aren’t you!! Well, I need to finish up Balchi too

20160425005501_1Hold those provinces for me, I will take them later.
20160425011617_1Didn’t really want to go too far because I didn’t want waste more manpower on more corruption, damn it Patch 1.16 20160428012452_1Many years later after recovery, I declared war on Ottoman and forgot to screenshot until I feed Georgian province to my vassal

20160428012520_1Because those provinces just consume too much admin points

20160428013336_1Eat my late 17th century cavalry charge!!

20160428014900_1Continuing eating kebab, muslim fight muslim, christian fight christian

20160428015020_1Ready to enter Anatolia and Egypt

20160428144046_1Continue playing with my little buddies

20160428151000_1I swear I wasn’t killing in slow mode to make them bankrupt, it just Sunni are hard to convert
20160428164826_1Look at my manpower, look at Ottoman, seemed like perfect timing to remove kebab

20160428170354_1I admire Tlemcen’s loyality to friendship and dedication to wreck the player

20160428173046_1But why, Brazil

20160428173846_1Yes, still light eater…

20160428174729_1Next goal: the whole Ottoman part of the Niles 

20160428180448_1Got new Protectorate 

20160428190627_1Yes, Timurid is still alive in 1717 and I am here to remove it

20160428191701_1Easy hordes….

20160428192012_1You caught me killing Balchi in slow motion again!!

20160428193130_1Yarkand, Out!

20160428193200_1Bye Timurid

20160428194245_1I think it is Timurid’s reincarnation #BuddismShia

20160430001105_1Oh please, regency council, you can rule this country until the prince of persia die

20160430002018_1Last screenshot taken before updating to Patch 1.17, and I know getting that achievement will be harder. Maybe I should do it with QQ or the Zoroastrian custome nation instead as Tabarestan

I will continue after the Laithlind attempt…


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