How does it feel like to have a 6 pips siege general

This is my first encounter to have a such general. Before, I am happy to see one pip and it is a bless to have a two pips in siege. I never thought of 6 pips siege general would even exist. Until I met this guy… As this guy is rarer than a 6,6,6 monarch that have long life, I am making a blog post to memorize his death. Of course, you should always have bring a lot of cannon to save manpower and time when sieging forts.

20160514195437_1Got him at an event, not good at fighting but fast in moving and faster in breaking walls

20160514201100_1Taking a level 2 fort, it is 42% once entered that area with cannons

20160514201931_1He is definitely slacking, but still very fast

20160515183116_1At first this level 6 fort is like unbreakable, with -91% if no general, no blockade and no cannon

20160515183126_1Now just need more cannon and a blockcade, he can take this high level fort like London

20160515185911_1That’s how he started at taking level two forts like London


20160516164512_1You could save half of the sieging time, you slacker!!

Anyway, although this guy is bad in field battle but definitely the best at sieging. Of course he participated in other sieges I just didn’t take the screenshots. Because London is hilarious enough already. And remember, bring cannons every time when you reach mil tech 7.


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