Persia Part 7: Westernization

I still haven’t gave up my Persia game yet. Although it seem impossible to get This is Persia, I am still going to finish it because of OCD. It might look ugly because eventually, I will have to rival my long term ally Commonwealth. Unless situation got worse, Ottoman and Muscovy actually able to hold us back (hahahahaha, ridiculous)

Yes, this blog post is going to be about my westernization process. I started to westernize right after vassalized Cyprus. In the beginning, I tried not to start wars or get involved too much. However, as my bff Commonblob asked me, I have to say yes or I can’t ally it anymore. Well, the grand situation is Ottoman + Muscovy vs Commonwealth (with Hungary) + Persia and many minors as cannon fodder, but we are managed to separate the two

20160424004942_1Well, I have to say yes as I explained

20160424010119_1Oh, please… these annoying little s**t 

20160424011745_1Told you…

20160424012044_1Well, because I wasn’t in charge and I don’t want too much corruption anyway… Now Remove Kebab!!!

20160424012436_1Seem like the result is out already

20160424013102_1The eastern front is much smoother lol

20160424013110_1Almost done with Egypt thought
20160424013449_1Not so related map of Asia, well, Chagatai tried to rival me and this is the purpose
 20160424014818_1Persians are entering Greece now, Excuse me sir, is this the way to Sparta?

20160424020022_1These shaded region is probably going to be how it will be after Ottoman fell and I have to fight Commonwealth. More naval battles in the black seas and fights in the Balkan. And more work for the missionaries

20160424020109_1War is over and can’t believe this is half of the westernization and I didn’t receive one westernization event. 

20160424020123_1And I only got some poor provinces at Egypt. Seemed like Commonwealth is watching me too. Well, I should be glad that AI is actually giving provinces to player too

20160424201624_1Annnddddd liberated Constantinople, this can be a bad news for me 20160424202625_1WHAT!!! MUSLIM PERSONAL UNION!!!! Moderator!! Someone is using hack!!!

20160424202654_1And I didn’t missed anything new! Muslims can’t form PU

20160424203819_1If Persia fell because of this, all ya peasants will be responsible

20160425000021_1Well, not all are bad events20160425000929_1Finally finished!! Mare Nostrum (almost)

Personally, this is the strangest westernization I ever played. After catching up with the admin point, I will be suffer less from corruption. And encountered a muslim PU

–PS: This is still Patch 1.16 and heresy is still major hit on corruption. I had only playing my Laithlind game in 1.17 because of this. And I should be playing Persia because I can’t vassalize for life because of constant reputation sabotage.


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