Being a President in Democracy 3

Being a president is once a dream of many children. For the kids, being the president is awesome because of the nice car, house, private jet and being the most powerful person in the country. Ultimately, being a president is a high risk job too. High stress dealing with politicians from all parties, economy and social issues, domestic and international problems… Also, there can be an assassination if someone don’t think you are doing a good job, or even you are on the process of helping them getting better!

This is how it is like before playing Democracy 3. I thought I can use my political ideology to run the country and then I realized I am wrong. The person who has the power to do what ever he want is an emperor or king, presidents need to listen to everyone. Or, assassination can happen to you and you rely on them for giving you the next terms in your political career. In reality, if you screw up something, it will be recorded in the history book, and on the internet.

In Democracy 3: Africa, I have to say all nations started in very bad economic and health conditions. Some of them even have high crime rate and debts as well. Basically, they are all underdeveloped and developing nations. As long as player can survive the assassins in the beginning, the game will be easier.

20160420160412_1Radical feminists is going to be like: “how dare you trying to help me get rid off the genital mutilation and trying to give me equality”


In order to win, you will need to try to satisfy all group of people by passing laws they like, at least make them not want to assassinate you, then aim for reelection. then focus on economic growth, encourage education and science development, then try get industrialized and solve urban problems. Hence you are not doing whatever you want, you are doing whatever the people want.

Personally, I consider myself as a Centrist with shifting to a bit to authoritarian and a bit to the left in economic ideology after taking the political compass test when I was procrastinating in college.  However, in game, I am more of an economic liberal. Of course I do believe in regulation in business especially in pollution, safety and lobbying issue. However, in game, entrepreneurs, capitalists and wealthy people pay the taxes. They are my boss because they are paying the biggest paycheck! Of course I will need to please them and give them a better environment so the country is not going into debt.

20160501012616_1My political compass as winning result, I do play quite many times but I get assassinated too often while improving the condition.

In reality, African presidents don’t get assassination threats from angry feminists as much as in game, there are more issues that their leaders need to fix and can’t be fixed by clicks. Simulation games can’t fully simulate reality, yet. Also, the political compass test nor the game can truly tell where do we stand in the political compass because people don’t always think in one way or another. They don’t cover all issues too. Still, they can give political awareness to us about what is happening, and how politic can have an impact on us, whether we care about it or not.


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