4 wtf EUIV national idea groups design

In EUIV, national groups were named after that nation’s culture and history and designed for player to play the game which how they perform in history. Like colonization for Portugal, high manpower for Russia… In the same time, there are idea group designs that won’t go well with the nations. It can be their neighbor, or their geographic location, or both…




Based on the national idea, it seemed like to be a perfect island nation. Look at its naval and economic bonus. It can be great if its geography is like England, Java, Sumatra… But! It is in the black sea region and right north of Ottoman in the beginning of the game. We all know Ottoman have strong army and high manpower.

Maybe that’s why it died early? Because born in a wrong place?











Again, this is not an island nation. In fact, just like Candar, it is not even a peninsula. Champa is located in the southeast corner of Indochina. Therefore its naval bonus won’t help much, UNLESS, it goes to colonize Philippines and other Indonesian islands. But would Champa player just choose the exploration idea? Its neighbors Dai Viet, Khmer, Lan Xang and Ayutthaya all have combat bonus for their land units. Can Champa defend their land with that fort defense bonus while expanding to Philippines? This can be tough.

Also, it is the only Hindu religion in Indochina. This makes its religion bonus useful after converting a new conquered province.




Again, great naval and exploration bonus. It seemed like it is designed for exploring the new world. But, it is right next to Sweden, the country where EU4 developers are form and has a strong army. It can be tough for Norway to survice because the North Sea and Sweden are its two neighbors. Denmark doesn’t seem reliable as time goes on. How often do you see a strong Denmark that can control Sweden. Even by the time Denmark could take over Sweden, but Norway will surely be the next victim.

Even Norway takes over Sweden and Denmark, it will have to have the HRE, Commonwealth and Russia. It will not be fun unless forming Scandinavia.

So… try to use survive and use the abilities or change idea group?




Again, great economic bonus. It can sure be the king of the Persian Gulf and even the Red Sea. Its trading bonus can help it prosper. But, that’s all about it? There aren’t much heathen unless Oman expands to further part of East Africa and India. There are only HERETICS around Oman, no HERESIES.

Eventually, Oman will meet Persia or Ottoman, both are far wealthier than Oman. Arabia is connected to the middle east by land






All four nations on the list have great naval strength but weak on land. However, none of them are island nations, not even peninsula. Of course player can choose defense or quality to catch up with their neighbors in military strength, but it just seem like these four nations are in disadvantage position since the beginning of the game. Ultimately, a great strategy and planning are keys to success. And they are great challenges for players.



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