Persia Part 5, Good Bye Mamluks

I had made some mistakes while playing. I SHOULD NEVER CEDE LAND TO NATIONS THAT I WANTED TO VASSALIZE!!!! Because their economic base will just be higher and yours will be lower. I learned it through Mamluks and Cyprus. Cyprus that little island had mad developments!!

Before any drama started, I totally annexed Shammar and most of Oman. I actually conquer Shammer to increase religion unity because I force converted it into Shia before.20160421222147_120160421222742_1I wish it was +1 missionary strength instead of +1 missionary

20160421233340_1That’s how the drama is like, Ottoman + Muscovy vs. Persia + Commonwealth, Hungry and Mamluks may get involved sometimes

20160421235508_1Later, Alodia decided to crusade Manluks, of course I would protect it becuase Alodia and Kaffa both aren’t my match! However, Ottoman decided to invade Mamluks too. Of course I wouldn’t get involved into the second conflict because I can’t fight two superpower yet… So, bye Mamluks

20160422002137_1Of course I wouldn’t just let them get away easily, I attack the Ottoman with Commonwealth and Hungary right after Ottoman annexed more Mamluks’ provinces

20160422002216_1I just enjoy Muscovy’s face when they tried to attack me but they can’t

20160422004611_1Removing from both fronts

20160422004959_1Need more mercenaries, perhaps?

20160422011613_1Stay out of this, little boy. And less social interaction for you

20160422011804_1The end 🙂 Have fun with the debts

20160422011824_1Now I am the strongest trading power in Aleppo, it means Kebab is going to have more fun with debt20160422011853_1How it looked like aftermath


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