Persia part 6: Make Muscovy Fabulous Again

After I made Muscovy dissolved its alliance with Ottoman, of course it would be a perfect timing to attack Muscovy. Its weak ally can’t do much. Yes, I am talking about Georgia and Ryazan.


20160422182007_1You know what’s going to happen next to you Georgia? I am going to eat you up after I integrated some of my vassals 20160422185513_1Ya, so you won’t get eaten by Muscovy. It can’t vassalize you at the moment anyway

20160422185835_1To you, Muscovy, it will be a little harsh because you are my rival.
20160423001937_1Recovering my mistakes of ceding cores to Mamluks so I can have a chance to vassalize them

20160423003812_1Good enough, as it is in war with Ottoman, again.

20160423004928_1Went to war with this guy after it rivaled me. I took some provinces in the borders and forgot to screenshot, oh well

20160423012643_1Now you let me vassalize you

20160423021527_1I think Timurids is pretty rich as it constanting donating money to Muscovy and Ottoman during war. So I am going check it out how rich is it.

20160423194303_1Years later, seem like Muscovy is in a terrible war. Let’s make it fabulous again

20160423195252_1It is pretty bad. Btw, forgot to mention. Just got a new vassal!!

20160423195906_1You will see what will happen to you.

20160423201143_1New participants joined at making Musocvy fabulous again20160423201529_1Stay out of this little guy

20160423202006_1Fashion! Fabulous! More F words!20160423202357_1Yeah…. fabulous

20160423202417_1And Muscovy paid me for making it fabulous

20160423203751_1Longest. Vassalization. Process. Ever. Now westernizing


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