Persia Part 4, Operation Kebeb Removal and Saving Mamluks

Objective: Save the Mamluks from Ottoman expansion and keep it status quo

As the business in the East and South frontlines are relatively stable, Persia is capable on going for “This is Persia” Achievement. First Step, as Ottoman still haven’t fully conquered Egypt yet, I still can forge alliance with it and use it as my ally. (Although that 7 regiments won’t help much, but still can help stop the Ottoman expansion)

As I am about to rival Ottoman, this event happens, foreshadowing Operation: Kebab Removal

20160419140835_1Shia: Just teach it! Yesterday, you said tomorrow, so just do it!

20160419143722_1And it is actually a good time to do it as Ottoman is suffering at its western front and my army is ready, here I come! First Operation: Kebab Removal!

20160419143948_1Ya, I can tell it is a good time to attack

20160419144544_1Seem like Kebab is not very unpopular, I though hordes hate me already but this…

20160419144612_1Liberating Syria and Lower Egypt as Ottoman is still in Western front

20160419145009_1They are coming !! No need to fear anyway


20160419151013_1As I am going to some debt already, I would cease war with Ottoman. As it has more income and able to hire more mercenaries and to prevent a Pyrrhic victory 20160419204415_1Cool, I don’t need to wait for that high level and no need to waste admin points

20160419204418_1That’s what I am talking about

20160419230210_1Later, Kebab invaded Mamluks and I am here to help. I am not expecting land, just get into less debt and lose less manpower than Ottoman. Ya, an attrition warfare and in result Ottoman can’t expand further in next few years meanwhile I expanded further in Arabia and Central Asia20160419230445_1Mamluks is not that ambitious, hey, at least Kebab is the biggest loser!! 

20160421012909_110 years later, Kebab still recovering from last war and I allied Commonwealth and attack Kebab from both fronts!! 

20160421020534_1Again, lots of lost from all three of us lost money and some manpower but Ottoman lost the most. I got two provinces and money and Commonwealth got one.  Hopefully, Kebab will be removed and I can kick people into holes and yell “This is Persia!!” And forgot to take pictures of battles this time


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