Shahanshah Achievement part 1

Warning, this content included backstabbing, attempt to make poor people bankrupt and such.

Once there a time, there’s a 2 province minor near the Caspian Sea called Tabarestan. They always have a dream to be the antagonist in the 300 movie and get kicked into the hole.


Meanwhile in Europe…. that’s fast


Hey, look! I made friend with QQ!20160416164946_1

Shia: Just do it! (sorry for the bad pun)20160416165015_1First war with Timrid, easy victory as most of wars will be about Timurid anyway.20160416165102_1

Guess what, I am not the only one who got motivated by Shia20160416165805_1

“Just defect it!”20160416165827_1

Just blob it!20160416171414_1

Everyone get something, isn’t this nice? Just won first war with Timurid20160416171856_1

I shouldn’t have hire you…. oh well20160416202212_1

Second war with Timurid, as QQ is an another war and can’t help out, this is going to be tougher but still, I win, in a price of manpower. And the cost for QQ not helping out will be a painful backstab20160416205641_1

Hordes just can’t climb mountains, you know20160416210805_1

Second victory against Timurid20160416215716_1

Years later, the third war started….20160417010118_1

more people joined!!20160417010314_1

and it become something like this20160417013641_1

Not that I am on diet, but rebellion on the new build is worse so I control how much I am going to eat when I am still little, and only eat the good provinces20160417013835_1


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