Shahanshah Achievement part 2 (Done)

Continue of the Shahanshah achievement…

Unfortunately, my best friend Shirvia got me into trouble like this. Being attacked by Georgia, then Georgia became vassal of Crimea, then being attacked by a much bigger guy…. glad I got out with a white peace


Then…. I am in debt, and asked the red guy for some red pocket, you know what I meant. And things developed quick in Europe20160417155446_1

Thanks, although I get more debts than getting extorting  money from you20160417162526_1

Then…. my friend QQ got into shit like this, kebab invasion20160417164005_1

Glad I got out backstabbed QQ and I don’t need to get into more debt and fighting kebab that has more soldiers and higher tech than me20160417181149_1

and it is bad….20160417181159_1

Love that haram lack of piety, almost like western tech 20160417190656_1

Fourth time of invading Timurid!!20160417193042_1

Blobbed some province that’s needed for the achievement20160417200332_1

Backstabbing time!!20160417204317_1

Easy backstab as most of QQ’s army got destroyed by kebab and able to save some province from future kebab20160417205148_1

Before transformation20160417210519_120160417210542_1

After transformation, and shit happened20160417210550_1

Ta-da! Need to get used to this green20160417210639_1

France, Muscovy and Kebab are fast at expanding20160417210655_1

Fifth invasion conquest to Timurid is coming!!120160417210803_1

Shahanshah achievement is received and planning to get that “This is Persia” too in the future.


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