Rise of Social Games

In popular media, the stereotypical video gamer is usually a nerdy young male. Recently, this stereotype has changed due to the rise of social games. As social media is becoming more influential in people’s lives, social games are succeeding on social media as well.

According to research done by the Entertainment Software Association in 2015, the three most frequently played game genres are social games.  Thirty-one percent of frequent gamers play social games, while 60% play action games and puzzle, board, and card games.

Who are the social gamers?

A study on social gamers in 2014 by a British online consultant firmThinkManagement  reveals statistics that the social gamer demographic have a steady income that ranges from $25,000 – $99,000. They have children and a slightly higher percentage of them are female. Their median ages are in the 30s. In another words, parents are the target market of social media games.

See more in GameSkinny.com (yes because I am having an internship there)


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