2nd Ryukyu Attempt

Unlike Ulm, Athens and some North American tribal nations, Ryukyu is not a hard country to play with.  Well, unless you are going for the world conquest, it is hard for any nations.  This is my 2nd attempt to play the Ryukyu.  As long as you don’t get to be destroyed by Japan, you are fine as no one can have claim on you except for Japan.  Also, because you are weak and small, no one wants to be friend with you, so very little chance to get involved in early game.  It can be a good thing when saving up money for colonization in Philippines, which is my plan.

2016-01-23_00001Step 1: get a good son (anything better than that 1/1/1)

2016-01-28_00004Step 2: colonize Philippines and Moluccas, take Luwu, Kutai, and whatever is there for you. DON’T CHOOSE TAIWAN UNLESS YOU WANT MING TO CLAIM IT!!! I suggest exploration rather than expansion because I chose expansion it is too slow, and save space for Humanity or Administration Idea Group.

2016-01-25_00001Meanwhile in Europe…. a militaristic pope appeared


Step 3: Westernize in South America.  After having contacts with Europeans and westernize, strongly suggest to move collecting node to Malacca and take Australia.

2016-01-28_00002Scandinavia, you are what you conquer

2016-01-28_00005Not all 13 colonies are USA

2016-01-31_000012016-01-31_00002Pasai, that must hurt a lot

2016-02-11_00001And all y’all motherf**ker need cathedrals

2016-02-11_00003Well, Catalonia succeeded

2016-02-11_00005You always can win back your ex-colony by marrying them

2016-02-14_00001Yue, why you betray your teammate like this?

2016-02-14_00002That’s even better


2016-02-15_00001Why don’t these poor nations just buy more money?

2016-02-15_00003Ending it….2016-02-15_00004


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