Kow-Tow Achievement Run

As the newest patch made Ming very OP (as most of the players said), I am here to try world conquest, if I can’t at least try over 1000, or worst, get Kow-Tow as a minimum requirement.  Before these vassals I am having now, I had diplo-annex Dai Viet, Kham and Tonkin (pop out from Cham).

The requirement for this achievement is to having vassals from all five religion groups:

  1. Christianity
  2. Islam
  3. Eastern
  4. Pagan
  5. Hindu

Now I have Sulu as Islam, Nepal as Hindu, Ryukyu as Pagan,  Muan Phuang as Eastern and Perm as Christianity.  I am actually glad that I have no tech differences between the Eastern Tech group. I can broke the alliance between Perm and Moscowy in the first war and made Perm a vassal in the second war.


Waiting for Perm…


Got it

I did it, now let’s eat the three-mountain empire for less diplomatic penalty


And here are some interesting screen shots from this game


Karma can be a beach


Who need explorer when you can see the world by 1495


Naples: Please don’t take this personally, I meant, all of you are laggards


Someone is getting that Shahanshan achievement


Aragon strike back


Spanish colonists, I meant refugees moving to the new world


Portugal is almost out too



Nevertheless, let me show the world atm


I only defeated the hordes and the Russians to westernize


After all the hard work, Portugal became the most advanced African nation in technology


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