How to add custom music on EU4

Soon V1.15 will be released.  Hope the music modding method won’t change.  If it changes I will update it as soon as I found out how.

It still works for Patch 1.17, I tested recently. And so does 1.19

Software needed:
1) A music file format converting software, I used VLC Player.
2) Notepad++ or similar software to edit code, like sublime.

1) Convert the songs you wanted to add in the game to .ogg format.
2) Place the ogg files into …Steam\steamapps\common\Europa Universalis IV\music
3) open the file song.txt, you’ll see a lot of songs that already exist in the game, copy and paste the format and replace the names
For example, I wanted to play the song of “infiniteWorld” while colonizing in peaceful time often, then it’ll be something like this.

infinite world

note: if factor = 0, it means it’ll never be played under that circumstance.
There are more modifiers that you can use, such as culture, culture group, religion, government…

4) Open the file music.asset that’s within the same folder with notepad++ or other code editor.
5) Just copy and paste the format and change names along with your songs, for “infiniteWorld”, it would be like this.

6) Save and exit, play EU4, then wait for your songs to appear


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